Casa Mila, La Pedrera

Die Casa Mila war das letzte weltliche Werk Gaudis, ...... , und neben der Sagrada Familia auch sein Größtes. Steht am Passseig de Gracia, wie die Casa Batllo. War mal nen Mehrfamilienhaus für Bessere.


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  • Harshita (Mittwoch, 07. August 2013 15:19)

    - Sorry to hear about your purse! Did you manage to get it back? Actually, evyenore i know who has been to Barcelona has had something stolen. Think i will strap some kind of alarm to mine when i go,
    heheI'm glad you had a good time other than that.

  • Paul (Donnerstag, 25. April 2013 07:52)

    you very much for your comment and yes, you're right and we totlaly agree: Barcelona is a VERY balanced city (very nice expression!) and offers so many different choices to everybody's gusto ! We're
    happy to hear you like the city so much and hopefully you'll have the possibility to come back one day and enjoy it even more?! Let us know when you come to town next time and we might be able to
    give you a small discount on accomodation!Kind regards,Oh-Barcelona team