Casa Batllo

In Barca steht ein völlig unglaubliches Haus, ..... , die Casa Batllo. Die Beletage ist so klasse, ..... , eine Wohnung ganz ohne jede Ecke, ..... , alles organisch und rund. Ach ja, ...... , wie üblich ist kein Foto bearbeitet, ..... , ich hab die alle so aufgenommen!


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  • Emir (Mittwoch, 07. August 2013 15:46)

    wow i'm envious of your trip! as a mtaetr of fact i'm envious of most of your trips except the pickpocket not crazy about that, i went to maryland sheep and wool festival this weekend and
    had to leave after an hour because pants got violently ill. that's the most traveling i've done in quite some time.

  • Didar (Samstag, 27. April 2013 14:05)

    Good morning. Thanks for your arictle, it is timely. Donna and I are going to be in Barcelona August 10 15 after a cruise. We see lots of pensions and hostels around the Ramblas. Would you mind
    telling us where you stayed, and whether you'd recommend it? Donna is having problems with heat (age 55) so she's asking about air conditioning. Also, we're inclined to take a couple of tours,
    instead of fumbling around on our own, although the Metro is good there. Did you book the tours there?